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Additional AMADA FO 3015 For a further increase in capacity in laser cutting!


Another important component in the automation of sheet metal working processes has been completed. In addition to the existing AMADA system, another laser cutting system was put into operation at the beginning of the year. With this investment in the six-figure range, we now have significantly higher capacities to process existing customers and new orders even more efficiently.

The new AMADA FO 3015 II NT has an impressive 4000 watt laser power and is ideally suited to perfectly meet the various technical requirements of our customer projects.

With its laser power of 2,500 to 4,000 watts and a working area of 3,070 x 1,550 millimeters, the machine is the ideal solution for applications with a large mix of materials and material thicknesses between 0.8 and 25 millimeters. The new achievement in our machine portfolio impresses with its sophisticated performance and optimization down to the smallest detail.

Managing director Jochen Krischke is enthusiastic:

“The new machine was currently the last missing element in the optimization of our entire production processes. In addition to the associated increase in capacity, we now achieve even more flexibility and quick reactions in day-to-day business with our customers."

The HS cutting head and its increased sampling rate are responsible for the extremely stable cutting process of the FO-3015 II NT: Unevenness in the material is recognized immediately and the laser is focused with pinpoint accuracy. At the same time, the sensors in the HS cutting head are used to detect the position of the sheet metal. It recognizes the position of the workpiece by approaching three end points and automatically determines its zero point.

With this investment and state-of-the-art machinery behind it, the InProTec team looks to the future with great confidence.


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