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Investment in the future with the new QIROX compact cell: Additional capacities for the automated welding of small parts!


By investing in a new QIROX QR-CC-4.1 compact cell from Cloos, we have set the course for the future in the field of welding technology.

As a “ready to weld system”, the robot cell has a 2-station workpiece positioner with vertical alternating and rotating movements. The station is rotated from the loading area in front of the robot within three seconds via the rotary indexing axis. All robot and positioning axes work together fully synchronously and the high repeat accuracy of the system guarantees the best processing quality. And the high offset speeds reduce the cycle times and are the basis for the high economic efficiency of the welding processes.

With a maximum component size of Ø 800 x 1250 mm, the new robot cell is predestined for the automated welding of small parts.

Our customers benefit from excellent welding results, the highest quality and the fastest process flows.

We are proud of the latest achievement, which takes our performance in the field of welding technology of smaller components to a new level.

Use the new capacities for your projects.

We look forward to your challenges!

QIROX compact cell QR-CC-4.1 from Cloos


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