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Two new DMG Sprint 32/8 put into operation The country needs real sprinter qualities!


Our order portfolio has changed significantly in the last two years. The machining of precision

parts with a diameter range of up to 32 mm has continuously gained in importance and has led to the current new investment of two DMG Sprint 32/8s.

The old Gildemeister MF 65 have done their job flawlessly for almost 20 years since the beginning of 2000, but are now taking their well-deserved retirement.

The complete processing of workpieces up to ø 32 × 600 mm is the strength of the new machines. With the maximum turning diameter of 32 mm, a maximum turning length of 600 mm and a maximum bar diameter of 32 mm, we are now able to generate existing orders and further growth in this segment.

The short changeover times also make smaller lot sizes interesting, and the long turning kit of the two DMG Sprint 32/8s opens up additional options in parts processing.

Use the new capacities in the range up to ø 32 mm and talk to us about your challenges.

We are in the starting blocks with our sprinters!


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