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We know what we’re doing and enjoy doing it:

We simply dote on machining technology, sheet-metal processing and welded assemblies!

A medium-sized industrial enterprise with a workforce of 75, we have been manufacturing precision components for internationally successful companies for over 20 years. Our two sites located in Illertissen operate in three divisions focusing on machining technology, sheet-metal processing and welded assemblies geared to highest standards of quality and productivity.


Everything at InProTec is targeted at efficiency, backed by clearly defined processes from the consultation stage right through to final logistics. That’s the only way to insure exact implementation of orders to schedule.

Guiding philosophies


The philosophies indorsed by InProTec serve as a guide to our staff, customers and trading partners as to the values we apply in the domain we operate in.


  • Maximum customer satisfaction

  • Profitability gained from our business operations

  • Ongoing quality improvements

  • Highly qualified and motivated personnel

  • Conservation of the environment


We create stimulating jobs in line with latest technological standards. In addition, we provide optimum prospects for young people undergoing training for a successful future in a wide range of occupations.


Why not get to know us more closely? We‘re ready to meet every challenge!

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