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Confidence placed by Fendt in precision components and assemblies supplied by InProTec of Illertissen.

The Fendt brand has been part of the US global player AGCO Corporation since 1997. The demands stipulated by Fendt focus on developing optimum solutions and supplying quality at its very best, a policy also indorsed internally within the group.


That explains why so many farmers and contractors achieve their objectives faster and generate a higher yield with Fendt tractors and harvesters. The daily ambitions set by Fendt are targeted not only at satisfying but rather surpassing customers’ fastidious demands. Fendt customers reap direct benefit from efficient technologies to boost economic output along sustainable and profitable lines applied to staple food and animal feed products, natural resources and energy.


Concentrating and bundling all competencies is a major plus-point of the Fendt concept.

For example, all corporate divisions located at the company’s Bavarian base in Marktoberdorf, Allgäu work together towards the achievement of a common goal. Thus development and production are closely interlinked and in permanent coordination with one other so as to adapt to future trends emerging in the agricultural industry.

InProTec – suppliers in all three areas of competence.


InProTec, precision component manufacturers headquartered in Illertissen established themselves as recognized suppliers to the Fendt Corporation way back in 2000.


The two CEOs heading the InProTec Company, Wilhelm Heinrich and Jochen Krischke, regard their cooperative links to AGCO as vital to the corporate development of their own enterprise. All three areas of competence – machining technology, sheet-metal processing and welded assemblies – are integrated into the product solutions. Today, a whole miscellany of turned parts and assemblies for tractors, forage harvesters and crop sprayers are supplied to several branches of the AGCO Corporation located in Europe.


The Fendt 1000 Vario.

Best example of cooperation for all tractor variants.

InProTec provide Fendt with solutions for all tractor variants. The performance features distinguishing the Fendt 1000 Vario have succeeded in conquering a whole new segment. The design of this powerful standard model combines all advantages for field and roadway deployment. All components – from the engine and transmission system right through to the fan and hydraulics have been expressly designed to render exceptionally durable service for demanding applications and high power transmission at minimal consumption levels – 365 peak-performance days a year!


InProTec produce a rotationally symmetrical axle of case-hardened steel for the Fendt 1000 Vario. We employ a specifically designed material for the Fendt Corporation to apply maximum efficiency to machining times and resultant unit costs. The parts are machined ready for use on one of our Sprint 32/8 facilities incorporating five linear axes and two C-axes. Following subsequent heat treatment the parts undergo high-precision grinding in accordance with a clearly defined Fendt works standard for roller-track systems. We dispatch these components several times a week directly to the assembly line on a just-in-time EDI-scheduling basis in KLT containers with VCI film.

A further precision-turned part is a limit stop produced on our OKUMA Big Bore machines. The components will have previously undergone advance verification in the form of inspection planning and several test phases so as to dispense completely with subsequent fine machining following heat treatment.


The Fendt Katana Forage Harvester.

Precision for top performance.

Fendt have meanwhile brought out their new Katana 650, in essence a re-developed forage harvester revealing substantially enhanced standards of efficiency. Built to a completely new all-wheel drive concept appropriately trimmed to provide excellent chopping quality and crop flow, the new Fendt Katana is ready to handle the most challenging assignments.


Virtually all vehicle components are supplied for the new Fendt Katana forage harvester, ranging from turned parts and sheet-metal cladding right through to complex welded assemblies. One example of the comprehensive services rendered by InProTec is the feed system for crop flow. The “feed system” frame consists of more than 100 components, 60 of which differ from one another and are practically all manufactured by InProTec from high-grade fine-grained structural steels in varying material thicknesses.

To quote CEO Jochen Krischke, the production of such a complex assembly as this is a bold challenge the company is out to meet successfully. The huge quantity of welds causes enormous distortion. Nevertheless, we regard the demands for high dimensional accuracy applied to shape and position as being realizable in series observing due process reliability.

Constantin Dreer, AGCO

Engineering SPFH / Development of forage harvester

"InProTec have provided us with support for many years in continuous ongoing optimization of the feed system involving extremely narrow tolerances. The upshot has been systematically optimized weight reduction, increased rigidity and cost-balance improvement. We therefore regard collaboration with InProTec as being the best example of an ideal partnership!”


The Fendt Rogator 600.

Crop protection geared to self-propelled technology.

Fendt Rogator 600 crop sprayers meet all requirements anyone could expect from modern crop protection equipment. They are maneuverable and agile, economical, gentle on the drive system, powerful in performance and comfortable to handle.


InProTec produce a conventional bolt with a milled surface for the Fendt Rogator. The bolt is manufactured from alloyed tempered steel. Suspended to this component is the complete sprayer boom available in widths of 24 to 36 meters. Here again, our diversified stock of machinery makes it possible to engineer a ready-to-use precision turned part to high standards of efficiency. Following galvanic treatment the component is dispatched to the assembly line ready for installation.

Fendt Track Tractors.

Designed for highest performance.

Fendt 900 Vario MT and Fendt 1100 Vario MT track tractors are destined for work in the uppermost performance category exceeding 500 PS.


InProTec manufacture transmission components comprising several precision-turned parts produced on ultramodern CNC turning and milling centers. These parts are mounted together with partially modified standard components to form a complete assembly ready for installation. Clearance dimensions specified by the customer undergo 100% testing employing feeler gages specially developed by us.


Advantages of working with AGCO as voiced by Wilhelm Heinrich and Jochen Krischke:

„We benefit from cooperation with Fendt not only in terms of growth enjoyed by the Fendt brand itself, but also from the transfer of knowhow and continuous ongoing optimization applied to the whole range of processes completed in close coordination with the Fendt Corporation. Naturally, this makes us an attractive partner for other customers on account of the superlative standards of efficiency and quality we turn out enhanced by customized logistics.

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