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PERI opt for InProTec heavy-duty wheels for VCT tunnel formwork carriages!

The PERI Corporation has been noted for innovation in the sector of formwork and scaffolding technology since 1969. One of the world’s largest manufacturers in this field, the company is manned by a workforce of 9,500 responsible for generating annual turnover of 1.56 billion Euros spread over a network of more than 70 subsidiaries.


PERI provide construction companies and scaffold manufacturing enterprises of all sizes with complete professional solutions to all requirements involving formwork and scaffolding technology in the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation sectors.


Innovative formwork and scaffolding systems enhanced by customized logistics, service and engineering packages are a guaranty to the customer of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and security.


PERI attach great importance to close customer focus. A dense network of branch establishments and warehouses backed by a large team of qualified specialist consultants serves to warrant optimum support and fast material deliveries. The corporate headquarters as well as the PERI formwork and girder production facilities are located in Weißenhorn, Swabia.


The prime objective behind PERI product developments and solutions is focused on speeding up the work of the company’s clientele and making it safer. That accounts for the design of PERI products to provide advantages to users and enterprises in handling and easing workloads combined with extra security as well as saving of cost and manpower.

PERI VARIOKIT Tunnel formwork carriages

InProTec assemblies for the PERI Tunnel formwork carriage

The high demands on quality, functionality and safety apply in equal measure to component and assembly suppliers. PERI chose to work with the Illertissen-based InProTec enterprise not only because of regional proximity, but also on account of the quality strategy upheld and cultivated by the company.


Business at InProTec is focused on three segments: machining technology, welded assemblies and sheet-metal processing. Frequently all three segments are drawn on to form a complete synergy, complementing one another in the implementation of product solutions. The best example of how this works is the heavy-duty wheel assembly, a small but nevertheless extremely important component for the PERI VCT tunnel formwork carriage.


Both InProTec CEOs, Jochen Krischke and Wilhelm Heinrich, take pride in having PERI as a customer:

“Collaboration with PERI in this segment serves as a fine example of how a smaller medium-sized undertaking equipped with specialized experience in core competencies and pursuing a consistent quality strategy is capable of serving the interests of key accounts such as PERI.”

PERI VCT Tunnel formwork carriage

Project: Heavy-duty wheel

Based on the VARIOKIT modular construction kit, the VTC tunnel formwork carriage provides tailored and material-optimized solutions for the realization of open- and mining-tunnel-formwork methods. Implementation of monolithic, semi-monolithic or separate casting methods is possible. Improved cost efficiency and the tremendous flexibility of the VTC tunnel formwork carriage facilitate tunnel formwork operations immensely while catering for assembly-friendliness.

Complete store of knowhow in all three segments

The heavy-duty wheel assembly combines the entire knowhow accumulated by InProTec while incorporating high performance standards in all three segments: machining technology, sheet-metal processing and welded assemblies. Among others, welding takes place of high-strength fine-grain structural steel S700MC. On account of the rigorous demands imposed on precision and stability applied to the welding process, accreditation was carried out by the Fellbach Training and Research Institute in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15613.

The scope of supply, including the various coating processes, comprises a completely assembled module, in which case exact computation of, and adherence to end distances are of vital importance for mounting the spherical roller bearings. Revealing a weight of 75 kg and dimensions of 500x240x326 mm (LxWxH), the heavy-duty wheel assembly is required to withstand maximum load capacities while insuring extremely quiet running of the formwork carriage on high-quality bearings. Use of a U-rail is possible for the traversing profile or a crane rail in the case of rim-cage attachment.

Operations at InProTec are focused on a healthy pattern of growth, both now and in the future. The company offers attractive jobs geared to leading-edge technology. At InProTec, young people encounter first-class prospects for a successful career in a variety of skilled occupations.

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