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Three networked business segments for generating maximum synergies:

Machining technology, sheet-metal processing and welded assemblies:

Significant extra advantages are reaped by our customers from our three lines of business – machining technology, sheet-metal processing and welded-assembly production. This places us in the vantage position of being able to draw on professional resources in all three segments to manufacture complete assemblies under one and the same roof.

Clearly defined processes from initial consultation right through to the final logistics stage cater for a smooth and efficient project flow at optimized cost. This explains why so many customers actively involve us in the development process long before going into series production. As co-partners we assist in applying our expertise to achieving the set objectives. InProTec solutions also cover supplementary services for our long-standing trading partners, one example being surface finishing.


Our customer portfolio ranges from small and medium-sized enterprises through to long-standing links with globally successful key accounts specializing in series production of medium-sized batches.

We are skilled at handling specific requirements such as just-in-time deliveries directly to the customer’s assembly line. We respond with the same expertise to complex logistical challenges.

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